Genies! Goblins! Crazy weapons! Explore sinister dungeons alone, or online with friends! Figure out the mystery of the ancient lamp in a huge and detailed generated world, grab as many guns and weird magic weapons as you can, and run!

  • Online and local multiplayer! Play together with your friends, or fight them!
  • Breathtaking procedural generated dungeons!
  • Crazy item combos!
  • Tons and tons of cryptic secrets!
  • We've been told that music is nice!

And all of that with tons of explosions and particles, as well as a deep deep story about royal family issues. By the way, the game has rich modding API out of the box! That means even more content ;D

The game is currently in development, but you can join our mailing list, and we will notify you, when the game becomes available!

We hate spam as much as you do, don't worry!



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